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Asian recipes, cosmopolitan combinations

By day the restaurant is a New Asian Brasserie; behind a show kitchen our cooks experiment with different Asian flavours. Dishes such as avocado salad with ikan teri (salted dried anchovy), pitas stuffed with Bali Chicken and Rendang Bitterballs are prepared in sight. Aside from new mixtures, our lunch menu also offers more traditional Indonesian dishes, like the Soto Ajam.


New Asian High Wine and High Tea

New Asian High Wine is a selection of savoury Asian snacks, served with a carafe of wine. Try also the High Tea, a selection of savoury and sweet Asian snacks, served with a pot of Jasili Blooming Tea.  New Asian High Wine and High Tea are available till 16:00. Reservation in advance is suggested.


Lunch menu



High Wine Experience